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so you want to design
for film and television…

so you want
to design
for film and

The Movie Pos

Learn Entertainment Marketing & Design from the Pros!

Study movie poster design with Southern California’s leading entertainment design instructor, Cheryl Savala. Join hundreds of graphic designers and illustrators who completed this course, worked their dream and launched successful careers at LA’s top marketing agencies.

Take a look at projects from stellar designers who’ve studied with us!

this course is ideal for…

this course
is ideal for

Experienced graphic designers who want to study the essential skills that entertainment design agencies need in new recruits.

Advanced designers and illustrators who want to broaden their portfolio using the visual language of emotion.

Professional artists who want to study with industry colleagues and gain a deeper understanding of entertainment marketing.

In this course you’ll learn

In this course you’ll learn

From silent films to
The Silence of the Lambs


  • History of the Poster
  • Anatomy of the Poster
  • The Industry and the Fan
  • Storytelling Genres & Archetypes
    and their influence on poster design
  • Key industry terminology

Creative Activities:

  • Gather a personal resource library
  • Create a stellar Moodboard
  • Build an inspirational poster timeline

    The defining traits of marketable campaigns


    • Brand Identity in entertainment 
    • Archetypography – how typography defines genre and archetype

    • The building blocks of billing blocks
    • Typography with production value

    Creative Activities:

    • Build a faux credit block
    • 20 ways to write a killer tagline
    • Movie Title Mashup

    Industry best practices
    and design excellence


    • Connect with audiences using The Visual Language of Emotion
    • Design and composition principles used in narrative storytelling
    • A good sketch can sell the concept
    • Art directing photography
    • Image editing best practices

    Creative Activities:

    • Analyze a poster’s visual language
    • Masking and image compositing
    • Design an alternative / parody poster

    Meet your instructor...Cheryl Savala

    Cheryl Savala

    Professor at Cal State University Fullerton,

    Creative Director, and Illustrator 

    I take creativity seriously.

    How serious? Twenty-five years immersed in graphic design and the entertainment marketing community is a good start. My commitment to strong creative leadership means the privilege of working with hundreds of artists, educators and entrepreneurs, and helping define brands and blockbusters like Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and The Sound of Music.

    While I absolutely love creating illustrative work for the entertainment industry, I equally enjoy mentoring artists. In fact, It’s an honor to have helped place 150+ (and counting) designers, illustrators and motion graphics artists in entertainment marketing. Not only have these talented individuals found their dream jobs, they’ve gone on to earn hundreds of Clios as well as license and publish original work through Fox, Disney, Marvel and major galleries! Yes, I’m one proud Momma Hen. That’s why I built The Creative Nest… to continue nurturing and helping fellow artists like you launch the career of your dreams. 

    Artwork © Cheryl Savala
    Artwork © Cheryl Savala
    Artwork © Cheryl Savala
    Artwork © Cheryl Savala
    Artwork © Cheryl Savala

    Hear from the talented designers who turned pro...

    Finished projects

    Graduating Students

    Hired Graduates

    Seats open for our next session

    I wouldn’t be where I am without Cheryl and this class. It’s where I discovered entertainment design.

    Steve Reeves

    Sr. Art Director, Concept Arts

    I didn’t know what I wanted to do with art and graphic design until I met Cheryl. Her passion for entertainment marketing and design is contagious and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be where I am, without her.

    Jed Ramos

    Associate Creative Director, Gravillis

    Taking Cheryl’s class completely changed my life! She teaches all the basics to begin a career in Entertainment Design and creates a wonderful community with her students, where you can find work and lifelong friendships!

    Leslie Toral

    Art Director, Concept Arts

    I am proud to be part of the lineage of students who were mentored by Cheryl. Her class has made top-notch creatives in the entertainment industry. Cheryl knows how to get the best out of her students and shows them how to be successful. I am forever grateful for her jump-starting my career. Her creativity is her gift and her mentorship is her legacy.

    Dino Espinosa

    Associate Creative Director, Neuron Syndicate

    Cheryl provides an invaluable resource to those hoping to work in entertainment design. She has a unique ability to teach not only the foundational skills you will need but techniques that will help you thrive in the industry.

    Charlie Le

    Associate Creative Director, MOCEAN

    Cheryl’s class teaches you how to think, brainstorm, and approach the project. A true master craft with attention to detail, understanding of composition, values, and color. A love for typography is something you will learn and is today, forever engraved in me when thinking of design.

    Tony Hsu

    Sr. Art Director, BOND

    Cheryl is truly a gem of an instructor, her passion and dedication for design are something that she instills into every teaching assignment. To this day, I still use all of the same fundamentals I learned from her so many years ago.

    Edwin Alvarenga

    Senior Art Director, Paramount+

    One of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Cheryl is a true master designer, illustrator, educator, mentor, entrepreneur, and a great friend. Every lesson learned in Cheryl’s class I used every day to make strong design decisions as well as professional ones. I would not be where I am today without Cheryl’s guidance and belief in me.

    Douglas Sirois

    Professor of Illustration, Savannah College of Art and Design

    This is such a great class! I learned so much about entertainment design and discovered new ways to evolve my work. There is so much to learn and Cheryl does an excellent job at breaking it down. So glad I took this class!

    Aracely Muñoz

    Assistant Art Director, Concept Arts

    As a lecturer in the Graphic & Interactive Design area throughout the past twenty five years, Cheryl Savala is without question a gifted teacher and one of the best instructors we have in the program.

    Theron Moore

    Professor, CSU, Fullerton

    Cheryl’s class gave me the tools and experience necessary to pursue what I am most passionate about: movie posters.

    Matthew Nieblas

    Associate Creative Director, BLT

    Cheryl Savala has had a long successful history of serving Cal State Fullerton and its College of the Arts. She has proven to be a valued member of our faculty.

    Arnold Holland

    Associate Dean, CSU, Fullerton

    The best decision I made during college was to add an extra semester just to take Cheryl’s class, it was worth it.

    Hesham Morsy

    Senior Art Director, Trailer Park

    Cheryl broke me in all of the best ways and built me back up by teaching me how to think in different ways when it comes to design. I’ve taken these lessons with me in every job I’ve had since then and I’ve been incredibly successful in doing so. So thankful for her teaching and guidance!

    Courtney Buege

    Jr. Graphic Designer, Trailer Park

    I love this class! As an instructor, Cheryl is the perfect mix of talent and expertise. She brings the highest level of professionalism to everything she does. Her enthusiasm for the craft is contagious and her lessons are always relevant and insightful. She inspired me to work harder and do my best work.

    Patrick Scullin

    Illustrator & Assoc. Professor and Director Printing Graphics Programs, Riverside City College

    If not for Cheryl’s Entertainment Graphics Design class, I wouldn’t know about this industry where you can be a part of shaping popular culture. Her mentorship and guidance are always near and dear to my heart and to my everyday design process. She taught us the fundamentals of how to grow to our highest potential, both in technique and character.

    Nofabiana Indradjaja

    Creative Director – Print, BOND

    Cheryl kicked my ass and my career thanks her for it.

    Diane Nguyen

    Art Director, Freelance

    If I had never taken Cheryl’s class I never would have realized how much I love and enjoy doing entertainment design.

    Katrina Jajalla

    Designer, Gravillis

    I cannot stress enough of how I HIGHLY recommend taking Cheryl’s class. She is an amazing person with so much compassion for everything she touches. The energy and devotion she has toward her teaching and the degree of mentoring she gives to each student is incomparable. She was my instructor, my mentor, she was my work boss (creative director), and after 21 years out of school, remains a very good friend.

    Bruce Ventanilla

    Senior Art Director, Paramount+

    I always loved movies. And I always loved art and design. Cheryl and her class put all of them together and made my career. I wouldn’t be here without her.

    Yujin Ono

    Art Director, Ignition Creative

    Two ways to get started…

    Two ways to get started…

    First Recruit

    Start anytime and work at your own pace chronologically through three modules. You’ll receive instructional worksheets and exclusive digital assets to guide you through each step.

    Bonus Material

    • Essential resource list for professional designers and illustrators
    • Brainstorming tips to level up your concepts

    • 50 working artists you should know

    • Four career paths for artists

    To get the most out of this course…

    • Brush up on foundation skills with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (vector drawing, typesetting, working with adjustment layers and alpha channels).
    • Use a pressure-sensitive tablet.
    • Actively share your work online and tag #thecr8vnest



      Access to all First Recruit course and bonus material PLUS

      Work alongside classmates Complete one module per week then share your work on a dedicated Slack channel where you’ll receive encouraging and helpful feedback from fellow students, your instructor and industry professionals.

      Three 60-minute live Zoom sessions Industry experts reveal their personal design process, answer questions and offer critique of apprentice work.

      Mentorship Bonus Material

      • Copyright law and working with publishers and licensors
      • Production Workflow and job descriptions for creatives in entertainment marketing design
      • 10 challenges facing industry artists
      • The Alternative Poster – A gateway to fans
      • Digital Badge and Certificate of Completion

      To get the most out of this course…

      • Install Slack and Zoom. Personal Invitations to join our private channel will be provided upon enrollment confirmation.
      • Update your website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Behance profiles so you can connect with classmates and professionals.
      • Brush up on foundation skills with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (vector drawing, typesetting, working with adjustment layers and alpha channels).
      • Use a pressure-sensitive tablet.
      • Actively share your work online and tag #thecr8vnest


        Enrollment is limited to 12 participants per session.
        Our next session begins August XX

          FAQs and Important Information


          When does the course begin and end?
          We recommend completing one module per week and spending the necessary time to research and create your best work, but you can absolutely move through at your own pace! You decide when you start and when you finish. If you are part of the Apprentice program, you’ll receive a schedule of the three live sessions which coincide with each of the weekly modules.

          How long do I have access to the course?
          Upon enrollment, you’ll have access to full course content for 60 days. Afterwards, a subscription plan will become available.

          What if I’m a beginner? Can I still take this course?
          Yes! Although this course is designed for artists who are experienced with the Adobe Creative Suite, many lectures and activities do not require specialized software skills. In addition, all students enrolled in courses offered by The Creative Nest receive our Design Foundations Worksheets.

          Important Information

          Purchasing Terms and Conditions
          Due to the electronic nature of this course, upon purchase, all participants agree to the following:

          • This course contains intellectual property and copyrighted material. Purchase of this course grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and view for personal use only.
          • Participants are not permitted to duplicate, sell, share or otherwise distribute any portion of the course including activities, downloadables, slideshows, or lectures.
          • Participants are not permitted use any of our course material in a manner considered damaging, unethical, illegal, or in any other way infringing on the rights of any individual, business, or community.

          Refund policy
          Your success is our number one priority. If within 7 days of purchase you encounter a problem with any part of the program, contact us. We’ll work to rectify the matter or provide a refund. Purchasing terms and usage rights will remain in effect.

          Contact Us
          Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter related to this course via email

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